Who is Kat Wabi Sabi?

Who: is Kat Wabi Sabi?

I am a proud Mama Bear to my brilliant son Blake; a compassionate elementary teacher of sixteen years; an entrepreneur and creative soul. I am a devoted daughter, sister, bestie, auntie, and friend. I am also a HBCU alumnae. I am Katrina Davis. 

My artwork nor my graphic designs are perfect. They are my original thoughts and creations that I shared with only a close few up until now. Creating art and designs is soothing to my soul and incorporating it onto clothing, home decor, and making people smile has been dope.

WhatWabi Sabi is more than just a great cacophony of sounds to say [wah-bee] [sah-bee]. It is a Japanese art philosophy I am learning about and embracing every day. Wabi Sabi emphasizes that there is beauty in imperfections, flaws, and my interpretation of life unfolding in unexpected and at first sight, seemingly negative ways; but actually being another gift from God wrapped in sandpaper. Growth. Healing. Love. Joy. Peace.

I'm practicing the grace of self-love and discovery of multiple talents and skills which embodies true self-care  and soul-care first.

In Wabi Sabi, broken pottery pieces (or mistakes) are glued back together and then  the cracks are highlighted in gold to accentuate and share in the beauty of the flaws and learn from them without judgment. Nor are they hidden from view, but rather intentionally put on display.

My negative self-talk, limiting beliefs on who I am and what I'm capable of or better yet am highly qualified for is being torn down and rebuilt with taking daily leaps of faith in myself, worth, dignity, my mental and physical health. It's time to let my light shine, without dimming my light so others will be more comfortable. 

There is a story behind each piece of art and design I directed my energy and focus into and countless encouraging words given to me by my friends and family to do something with it and practice the process of the V-word: vulnerability. ;-) Let me tell you, I do not look like what I've been through. 

This is the first step towards my self-love journey on my own terms; a glimmer of my "gold" to share with others the "Wabi Sabi" way. 

If you've ever felt stuck, broken, and constantly in analysis- paralysis doubting your talents, waiting to "get it right" and knowing you have a higher purpose and calling on your life: the wabi sabi "Perfectly Imperfect" tribe is for you.  Welcome home. 

I invite you to step out on faith by taking action towards your dream and purpose, seek guidance, get out of your own way and bet on YOU. 

Thanks for rocking with me and I welcome you to Kat Wabi Sabi: Wearable Art. Designs.

Katrina Davis